Experience a variety of desert safaris in Dubai

A visit to the UAE is not complete without experiencing a must-do desert safari. A variety of desert safari experiences are available from activity-focused morning dune drives to edu-tourism nature safaris and relaxing staycation overnight safaris. With so many options available, visitors are spoilt for choice. Let’s explore the different types of safaris and what to expect from each.

morning desert safari in dubai

Ideal for visitors with children, or those looking for desert activities, Arabian Adventures offers the Morning Dune Drive, a desert safari package that takes place in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (DDCR). This morning desert safari in Dubai has a variety of exciting activities including spotting desert wildlife, a camel ride and sand-boarding (in the winter months).

Not to be missed are the Evening Desert Safaris in Dubai, which take visitors on a sunset drive across the dunes. These exciting safaris include a scenic photo-stop where guests are surrounded by dunes at sunset before continuing to a traditional Bedouin-style camp where a welcome of Arabic coffee and fresh dates await. Camel rides, henna hand-painting and a falcon viewing are all available during the evening.

Here, in the Bedouin-style camp, large cushions and low tables set the scene for a delicious desert dining experience. A traditional Arabic-style buffet includes tasty grilled meat, refreshing salads and sweet desserts. Desert safari packages include alcoholic and non-alcoholic options depending on preference.

Evening desert safari in Dubai, UAE

Visitors looking for the ultimate desert safari experience can choose the Overnight Safari in Dubai. Offered by Arabian Adventures, this includes an overnight stay in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve in Dubai, where guests can enjoy a tranquil overnight getaway under the stars. Stay in permanently furnished, comfortable tents that surround a gazebo. As the sun sets, an Arabic-style buffet including tasty grilled meat, refreshing salads and sweet desserts is served. In the morning, visitors will awaken to a freshly prepared hot breakfast.

overnight desert safari in dubai

Guests that do not wish to spend the night instead can venture on a Night Safari in Dubai. The desert safari package offered by Arabian Adventures takes place in the DDCR and gives guests a chance to spot desert wildlife at night using a spot-light. There is a chance to track scorpions under the careful supervision of your trained safari guide using a UV light. The light causes the scorpion’s exoskeleton to glow which is not to be missed. The evening ends with beverages and light snacks served while visitors have the chance to star-gaze at the Arabian skies using a telescope.

Night desert safari in Dubai, UAE

Not to be missed from Arabian Adventures is a Nature Safari. One of the few operators offering desert safari packages in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (DDCR), the Nature Safari has distinct advantages. Not only is there a chance to see desert wildlife including the Arabian Oryx and gazelle, but guests will also learn about the UAE’s incredibly diverse ecosystem.

nature safari in dubai, uae

When booking any desert safari package in Dubai, a portion of the fee will be used to help support local conservation efforts.

Visitors seeking an excursion into unexplored parts of the UAE can visit Mleiha, a beautiful archaeological site in the desert en-route to the UAE’s east coast.

With a variety of desert safaris available, book early avoid disappointment! Book your desert safari adventure by visiting arabian-adventures.com or call 800 272 2426 for more information on our exciting packages and offers.