Camel ride experiences in Dubai

Step away from the modern Dubai skyline for a truly traditional experience in the desert – a camel ride. Known as the ‘ship of the desert’ the dromedary camel is a traditional form of desert transport used by Bedouins in times gone by that you can be experienced today.

Take to the trail for a peaceful ride as camels are gentle creatures and no prior experience or lessons are required. Both adults and children can participate, but we suggest that children are at least four years of age. We recommend that you bring along a hat, sunscreen and wear closed shoes for the ride. Our adventure experts share some options below on the various camel ride experiences available.

Camel Trekking

Enjoy a picnic breakfast along the lakeside

Spend a peaceful morning (in the winter) or sunset (in the summer) experiencing a camel ride in Dubai. On this camel trek in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, look out for desert gazelles and oryx. Relax on a 45-minute ride to the lake where a picnic breakfast with bubbles (in the winter) or strawberries and bubbles (in the summer) await. The return ride is 45-minutes, giving you a full 90-minute camel ride, which is over all too fast.

Morning Dune Drive

Must-do camel ride on a Morning Desert Safari

Great for families and for those who like to do more. This morning desert safari includes all of the best desert activities. After pick-up from your hotel in a 4-wheel drive vehicle, you will head to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve for a must-do camel ride, a dune drive and sandboarding. A light breakfast is served at our camp to keep the energy levels going.

Sunset Safari

sunset desert safari dubai
Spend an evening in the desert Bedouin style

An evening in the desert is a desert safari deal not to be missed. After an exciting dune drive, change pace and try a camel ride at our desert camp. This is a short ride, ideal for both adults and children. There are a variety of other traditional experiences available at the desert camp, from henna hand-painting to watching a belly dance, holding a falcon and tasting regional cuisine.

Experience this tradition with us today. See more and do more with our range of sightseeing tours and safaris around the UAE. Book at, call us on 800-ARABIAN (2722426) or email